The Elements of Stability

Chicago, US of A, December 5, 2016.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “The Elements of Stability.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “On the evolving worlds of the universes of time and space, there is a stage when these worlds reach physical, social and spiritual stability called ‘an Era of Light and Life.’ When these worlds gain this desirable stage they are able to sustain that stability for a long, long time until their systems, constellations, local universes, the super-universe (never reached yet) and finally the whole grand universe reach this stability concomitant with the complete personalization of the Supreme Being, installing the Age of Supremacy in the seven universes. Evolution constantly reaches out for stability, not only about the macro-cosmos but in all dimensions, even in the dimension of human life. Here are some elements to achieve human stability.

“Conservation — Stability presupposes a level of conservation as opposed to destruction. The successes of a stage become the foundation to the following and so forth. Evil does not conserve: on the contrary, evil is destructive, because evil has nothing in itself that is permanent. Permanence is predicated on goodness, truth and beauty. As these values are progressively conserved in human existence, stability establishes itself and remains for ages and ages. In your world, the main factor that prevents stability is wars’ proliferation, still carried out in many places on Urantia. Only the growth of a cosmic conscience on Urantia can bring stability, with the appearance of the Brotherhood of Man and Women based on the Fatherhood of God.

“Control — stability does not mean stagnation, it means security in midst of change. That is what is called ‘progress.’ Technique, the practice of controlling knowledge is the mother of Technology. Technology is advanced by the control of physical conditions in space and time. The levels of control are physical, mental and spiritual. Mind is able to control physical realities, and the spirit should guide mind by spiritual values. Real control is not about controlling others; rather, it is controlling oneself. Physical control should liberate man to achieve personal and spiritual control. When personal control is achieved in human existence, one experiences that desirable state often called ‘Peace,’ which reflects itself both in social and spiritual dimensions.

“Continuation — Stability needs to be secured with measures that make its continuation possible through time. Maintenance of stability basically depends on the continuation of those factors that make stability a reality. Maintenance has mostly to do with the administration of problems. That means that problems need to be foreseen, expected and solved. Foreseeing problems is crucial to prevent them; expectation of problems is not negativism but acknowledging the law of wear and consumption of energy bringing consequent disruption. Problems need to be faced with creative and alternative thinking and solutions. Sometimes large structural changes are necessary to make sure stability will continue. Human beings must not be afraid of thinking ‘bigger and better’ at each turn of their existence.

"In this way, my pupil, stability many times starts in your personal life with something you have experienced: conversion, new birth or a complete change in life that will determine the remainder of your existence. Urantia, your world, is in need of such a change to reach social and spiritual stability. Indeed, many times such changes come out of intense disruption of the status quo, but at other times it gradually emerges from slow cosmic growth. Either way, when stability is in sight, man should grab it and keep it as essential for achieving the so-much dreamed-of ‘Peace.’ Thus, I, Prolotheos, your tutor and teacher on High, wish for you personally and for Urantia, your world, this desired stability, saying: ‘Peace be with you both.’

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