God is Pro Life

Oregon, US of A, November 11, 2016.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “God is Pro Life.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “The thought came to your mind that the womb has been meant to be a safe ‘deposit box’ for the fragile and precious embryo it shelters, just as the egg shell protects the soft egg within it or your hard skull protects your precious brain matter. There is so much softness and complexity embedded in all creation that the Father had to protect its integrity by allowing it to develop within the safety of wombs, shells, and cocoons.

“Yet, frequently these sacred spaces, intended to nurture God’s miracles, suffer great trauma without much deep thought being given to it. Whenever a cocoon is smashed by hostile behavior, the breathtaking butterfly will never see the light of day and its beauty will never be observed. Whose loss is it? The fact that it is perceived as a loss implies that the content of the cocoon was meant to be a precious gift — a gift that never got unwrapped in its own natural and divinely ordained timing.

“Dear ones, life is precious. It is a gift from God — a gift that none of you will ever be equipped to independently replicate. Why do so many of you take the misguided initiatives to destroy the precious life force contained in the gift? Human beings are ‘beings.’ The Father invests so much in each one of His creations. Do you think that He would choose to abort His own miracles in the making? Do you think He would meticulously, knowingly and lovingly endow His creatures with facets of Himself if He did not bless them with a bright eternal future? The Father’s creative process undergoes many phases, the first one being the ‘pre-conception’ phase. He thinks BEFORE He acts. The only impulse He follows is the loving impulse of His heart that can only ‘pre-conceive’ Truth, Beauty and Goodness. He then acts upon it by following through with the actual ‘conception’ phase.’

“A helpless baby growing in the maternal womb deserves protection. It is a work of art that will be unveiled at birth. Destroying such miracles in the making because they are inconvenient is worse than vandalism. Have you ever looked at it this way? What if you were spending nine months diligently investing yourself 24/7 in creating a beautiful work of art, only to see it shattered by unappreciative vandals who relish in destroying beauty? How would you feel to see the fruit of your labor thus unappreciated and annihilated?

“Children of the Earth, your shortsightedness is what leads you into trouble. Evolution is constantly happening as everything ever created is meant to move toward the fulfillment of its potentials. Whenever you eliminate potentials, you deprive your world and your life from many loving adornments that came as a kit for you to help put together as co-creators — not co-destroyers. How many geniuses have been thus aborted who could have contributed to greater planetary progress? What if Jesus had been aborted as an inconvenience? God’s modus operandi is immutable. What about yours? Wouldn’t it be much better to ‘consciously’ conceive a child rather than viewing it as an unwanted and expendable consequence of shortsighted self-centered impulses? Do you view yourself as an accident or as a miracle? If God wasn’t pro life, what would be the point of it all? All lives matter.”

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