Alabama, US of A, December 21, 2010.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Lesson about Rules.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Our Father does not impose rules or insist on conditions. You already know that the love of the Father for His creatures is unconditional, yet many have asked why certain rules must be obeyed. Freedom in the universe can be enjoyed as long as the rules are followed. Isn’t this an implied condition? Should one do as the Father says, or suffer the consequences?

“The Father is the energy that sustains the universe and He is the universe. We all live in the Father and are subjected to His influence. We all are enlivened with his boundless love. The only rule is to let this love flow through us and then let it spread towards our brothers and sisters. This is not an arbitrary rule, but simply the way the universe works.

“Some consciously or unconsciously resist this love by stubbornly following their materialistic impulses. When they do this, suffering is unavoidable, because they are preventing themselves from receiving the energy – the love their soul needs to survive. Material life also imposes certain ‘rules’ that must be followed in order to live. Food is necessary to maintain the physical body. If you decided to stop eating you would slowly weaken until finally your body would fade and perish. Similarly, this is what happens to those who deny themselves the influence of the Father’s love.

“Our Father has not chosen a set of arbitrary rules. He only offers us His unconditional love and he even gives us the right to take it or reject it. So-called divine punishment is merely a consequence of our misguided decisions. Those who persist in sin – error committed on purpose – are destined to die because they have ‘closed their mouths to divine nourishment’. Our Father doesn’t do anything to punish sinners. The only thing He can do is to sadly observe how His children choose to die instead of enjoy what He has prepared for them. You are a child of God and you can enjoy His love simply by wishing it. This is the key to eternal life. This is how you will become similar to God.”

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