Chicago, US of A, August 7, 2012.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “What is Spiritual in You.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheus: “My lesson for you at this time deals with what is spiritual about you. Mankind’s materialism becomes totally irrelevant when analyzed from a higher and better-informed perspective, since most of what constitutes a human being hails from a spiritual origin. The nature of human beings features six distinct aspects: body, life, mind, soul, spirit and personality. Of these, only the first, the body, is indeed material, whilst all others are either spiritual in themselves or spiritual in origin.

“In your current state on Urantia, the first set of body, life and mind are transitory – they are endowments to facilitate your presence in your world. Accordingly, you in various ways share these features with various species of the animal kingdom. The remaining three features, soul, spirit and personality are of a permanent nature and essence, but only become permanently yours if you choose life eternal with the Father. Therefore, let us say that body, life and mind are ‘earthly endowments’, while soul, spirit and personality are ‘heavenly endowments’. That said, let us identify each of them and see their function in your present, and future morontia existences.

“First, consider the ‘earthly endowments’: body, life and mind. Your body, although strictly material, is notwithstanding a gift from spiritual beings, the Life Carriers. These extraordinary Sons of Christ Michael assist in starting the evolutionary process on material worlds like Urantia. Our local universe Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, supplies the energy spark which enlivens the body. Mind is the gift of our Mother Spirit also, provided through her diverse distribution of the seven adjutant mind-spirits. Mature humans host all seven of these adjutant mind-spirits.

“Ponder now the ‘heavenly endowments’: soul, spirit and personality. All of these are personal gifts from the Creator Father. Soul is a morontia seed in you, which, if ‘watered with goodness, truth and beauty’ has potential to ultimately become a seventh-stage spirit. The real ‘spirit’ in you is a Spirit-Fragment of the Father, sent to inhabit your mind to lead you to do the Father’s will. This is not the Holy Spirit, as Christians interpreted, but it is, if correctly interpreted, the ‘genius’ and ‘Spirit of the Lord’ that once inhabited the great minds and prophets of old on Urantia, Who later, beginning on the Day of Pentecost, came to inhabit all normal minds. Finally, there is the most intriguing of all endowments: personality. Personality, although it is not the self (you), is the seat of human will and consciousness, besides being the unifying factor of all other endowments that constitute a human being.

“Although many do not realize this, human beings are primarily spiritual beings – both in origin and constitution. The material aspect is only the body that now hosts these spiritual gifts that constitute what each of you really is: a child of God. I am Prolotheos, your tutor on High. We might return to this topic, as there is more to impart about it. Peace, my pupil, to you and all readers.”

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