Illawarra District, Australia, August 6, 2012.
Life Carrier Orion.
Subject: “Creation and Evolution Revisited.”

Received by George Barnard.

Orion: “This is Orion, your friend and regular spokesperson for the local contingent of Life Carriers. We carry both human, and animal including insect, even plant life from planet to planet, but obviously not in that order, no. As distinct from plant life, much is needed to sustain human life, thus long periods are required before a planet is at last suitable for human habitation. On most worlds the introduced species are plants, insects, then small animals, larger animals, and finally the best of the human species from populated worlds.

“We, Life Carriers, do this work of adapting and nurturing plant life almost entirely within the local universe sector, unless great advantages in suitability can be had by crossing species from two or more local sector worlds. We may need to also adapt the insects to local conditions. By and large animals of all kinds will adapt and so do the human migrants, generally promoted from the more advanced civilizations. On such planets of standard colonizing procedure the concepts of evolution or creation do not become an issue.

“This is what we will cover today. We are revisiting creation versus evolution and the alarming stubbornness with which the opposing camps arm themselves with the most ridiculous of arguments in order to try to prove their points of view. Neither did the Creator of All put millions-of-years-old dinosaur bones in the ground, just to play a trick on anthropologists, nor did a stray lightning bolt initiate life where there is no God. Well, nothing begets nothing, and the Creator does thing exactly as he likes. After all, they’re His universes.

“Actually, the Creator holds it all together from one split second to the next. We are nurtured. The whole of our universes are nurtured, cared for, sustained, by his Will. And then there are the likes of us who try to be as helpful as we can in assisting the Life Initiator Supreme in caring for His time-space backyard to eternal Paradise. We, Life Carriers, among myriad other species of universe helpers do our utmost best to progress time-space. We are not in the least fussed about creation or evolution . . . evolution or creation.

“Both creation and evolution apply to your world, which is a decimal world. And with decimal worlds we can play a creative game, rather a co-creative game, where we try all manner of building blocks, at times millions of combinations, to attempt to produce a better human, physically stronger, more intelligent, and likely more spiritual. Yet, these are still lifeless building blocks in need of the life-giving spark from on High for primitive life to evolve here, slowly, until you are what you are today, and will hopefully improve more in time.

“Do we then leave and let it happen on your world? Not at all! We can energize and improve the most promising of organisms, and that’s hardly evolutionary, and we can withhold this energy from those with little chance of forward progression. You see, my friend, it’s neither evolution nor creation, but both, the Creator’s choice, and the way untold servants can assist, live exciting lives, and progress in time-space, to be God-like in the end. This is Orion saying thank you for your hospitality and your attention to my words. Adieu.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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