Once The Veil Has Finally Been Lifted.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 271 – April 21, 2004.

Dear one, as long as there remains even a shadow of doubt about My existence, you still lack faith and trust in Me, and it is not just a joy and a privilege to come into the Stillness with Me, but also a dire necessity.

Of course, I totally expect for you to entertain doubts, for after all, you are only a little human, but one who can be made great through faith, because of a mighty Indweller; a Fragment of the living God.

I expect you to be totally overwhelmed by this grace and mercy, once the veil has finally been lifted, and the true realization dawns in you like a blinding light that you have an actual Fragment of the Eternal God living and struggling with you, so your soul can become free -- free from earthly limitations, free from disappointments and disharmony, free from everything that seemingly holds you back from having a closer relationship with Me, for only doubt is the great separator keeping you away from Me.

I desire for you to have unreserved trust and faith in Me, and in the unseen. Great are the joys for such a one, who dares to hope, who dares to believe, and who then grows an unshakable faith in things eternal and unseen.

Think about the Creator, Who fashioned all the stars and planets seemingly upon nothing, for the mortal mind is incapable of comprehending that the Creator, who is all Love and Understanding, is at the same time all Gravity, for in the Creator, all things live and have their being.

There is nothing beside the Creator God, and there is absolutely nothing that God does not know and is not aware of. If God can rule a vast creation, should He not be able to see, and know what is going on in the hearts of His creatures everywhere?

I tell you that He is most intimately involved and available to each mortal child and infant, knows their location, and overshadows all with His Unconditional Love and Devotion.

But it is His Gift of free will to mankind which decides how you live, and when you return to Him, having become perfect along the way. This mortal life is only the beginning in which you lay the foundation for eternal life by your own choices and decisions.

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