I Am The One Who Inspires You.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 265 – April 15, 2004.

Dear one, today we will discus the meaning of love. The word, love, encompasses everything and all that matters about God’s Law, for God is Love. Love is the fulfillment of all His Laws. Love is forgiveness. Love is endless patience, and the absence of judgment and resentment. Love is all power, and all supply.

In order for you to grow into this state of love, there needs to be an unquestioned trust in God, and in My guidance, as I Am the one Who inspires you to such heights of trustful love.

You are growing into a greater ability to love than you might ever imagine in your mortal estate, and this happens when your awareness grows about how you can be more loving towards others.

This love you do not possess from within yourself, or only for yourself. Love is Heaven’s energy and needs to ever be on the move. As soon as love gets blocked, or grows stagnant, it seeks different ways of expressing itself.

This all-encompassing love can never be compared with what mortals think what love is. Heaven’s Love is forever enduring and far above the, at times, puerile and offensive portrayals of love, which are only sordid acts in the name of love. True love has all respect for the other person.

Love teaches the value of true love, and of being true to oneself. Through loving others, one becomes more real, for love forgives all things and bears no resentment.

The most important thing in life is to practice love; bestowing love towards all others you come into contact with, loving your work, love in service, and love in speech and actions.

The secret, My beloved, is to trust in and respond to God’s loving over-care. Therefore, pray for more love, and pray for a clear unblocked channel for love to flow through, so you will live in, and have an abundant supply of, love.

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