Your Intent and Your Desires.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 315

4rd June, 2004

Dear one, the more you turn away from the world’s noises and turn to Me within, the more certain and sure I can guide your footsteps on the path of most joyful learning. I do not seek a path of ease for you, but when there is less resistance on your part, the easier everything will become, and never mind the circumstances around you.

In this way your inner world will have become one of rest, and therefore you will not easily let the outer world frazzle your nerves. With Me as your Divine Indweller, you will gain the rest you seek for your soul. Especially is this true when you hand it all over to Me, and trust Me enough to let the days unfold, knowing full well that I am in charge, and nothing untoward can befall you that is not for your highest and greatest good.

You can take your time, as long as you want, to learn and trust this process, because you need to have enough faith to fully trust Me, for nothing less will do.

I desire for you to be totally and completely committed to Me, so we can start our intertwining in earnest. As long as you entertain the slightest shadow of a doubt, this cannot happen.

I desire your total dedication to Me. Oh! I know very well that at times you will falter, and your attention will slip, for, after all, you are still only human and occasional failure is to be expected. Even you do not expect a kindergartner to master university-level material, so I do not at first expect one hundred percent.

It is your intent and your desires I look for, which is easy for Me to know, for I know you better then you know yourself. And I know from observing you that you hold great promise within your being for our future together as One.

Remain in the Silence a little longer, so these, My words, can saturate your being.

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