You Only Need To Ask.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 314

3rd June, 2004

Dear one, the Father’s Will resides within you. His Will is not something you can ‘grasp out of the sky’. I am the personification of the Father’s will, because I come forth from the Eternal God. And if you so desire, together we shall return as One to accept His blessing in person—a “Well done My beloved and faithful child.” For this is His command and promise of the ages: That you become perfect, even as the Father in Heaven is perfect.

It is an age-long journey you and I are embarking upon, and together we will continue to unfold as one spiritual being, with Me guiding you, and you learning how to seek and perfect God’s will. These desires to do God’s will are simply your desires to do what is good to others.

It also means for you to shed all selfish tendencies, all impatience, all erroneous thinking. The deeper you go into yourself, the more you will discover things to work on, and free yourself of. Of course, you know by now where to obtain help in your struggles to go inward and upward.

Yes, of course you do! You turn within, to Me, and you seek My help, which is always available to you when you ask. And, of course, you may appeal for help to your Master-Son Michael, Mother Spirit, angels, guides, or other Deity, for ultimately Spirit is Spirit, and in this we function in total accord, to help you mortals in your attainment of immortality on your ascension journey.

There will be disappointments, and perhaps discouragement, along the way when you get impatient with yourself, and as you realize how much you still have to let go of, and learn better ways. So you learn to have divine patience, not only with yourself but all others who now vex you.

Always remember to be of good courage, because within you there resides One who will always point you in the right direction. You only need to ask.

Be not fainthearted. Gather your faith and trust, and gain Strength from Me.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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