The Pieces of Our Puzzle.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 312

1st June, 2004

Dear one let us compare life to a giant jigsaw puzzle. This analogy is helpful for you to see the broad outlines of your eternal life. You know the beginning, your birth and mortal life, and the ending, which is the surety of the eventual completion as a perfected being.

That is when you shall stand in the Presence of the Universal God of All Creation, and hear these words: “Well done, My beloved child, I always knew that you could do it. I allowed you to slot your pieces of the puzzle of life into place, and now you can look back over the rich and beautiful tapestry you have made of it.”

This, My beloved, is what you and I have set out to do together. We are God and man, man and God. In God’s eyes exists no gender, so do not fret about being either male or female. Both are completely equal in His sight, for they are meant to be counterparts, and never ought one to lord it over the other.

This puzzle idea is a useful one, because it gets the imagination going. As in the weaving of the tapestry of life, as long as you realize that you form the beginning strands here, although humans tend to look upon all of their mortal life here on earth as having a definite ending.

The total opposite is true. This life is the foundation building for eternal life. Unless you do not want to carry on, which, of course, is always the choice you have. However, once you make up your mind, totally and completely and without a shadow of a doubt, we then decide together to become as one.

Yes, we do this together as equal partners, and then there will be no turning back. As yet, fusion is still a rarity on this planet, and practically all mortals enter the sleep of death with a belief and hope of life after death, but we are not dwelling on this now.

We are discussing how we will fit the pieces of our puzzle together, while I give you of My gifts as soon as you show a readiness therefore. In this way I can grow you more into My likeness as I become your personality and refine your character, as we, together, build an eternal reflection of the Creator God. Does this sound like a wonderful plan to you, an eternal plan towards perfection?

Ponder these words in your heart and build on your connection with Me.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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