That, Which Is Your Destiny To Become.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 307

27th May, 2004

Dear one, do allow yourself to go with the flow of My deep and abiding Love for you. Open yourself up and allow this Love to well up spontaneously from deep within you, so you will become a channel of My pure Love. Allow, allow, and allow this upwelling of Love to happen.

It needs to be a conscious desire and decision on your part to make this happen, and then the results are automatic. How do I do this, you ask? Simply turn the self out. Turn out any thoughts about self, any pre-occupation with the little self and its puny worries, which are so far beneath that, which you can truly become.

Mortals rarely attain a measure of the true greatness that dwells within them in their earth-life, and they stand in their own way, obstructing the grandeur of the divinity the Creator God has gifted them with. If only you had a dim perception of My Divinity within you, you would lend Me far greater cooperation, to arrive at becoming that, which is your destiny to become.

In this earth life you can already make a serious start at fulfilling your divine destiny, rather then wasting a lot of time in idle pursuits with your electronic toys that are for amusement. Everything needs a balance, and your valuable time would be far better spend if you would entertain a thought or two about the life hereafter, to learn and prepare yourself here through loving service towards others.

Do this by practicing the Fruits of the Spirit, and by becoming spiritually fragrant by practicing unconditional love and forgiveness, and to not harbor any grudges or resentment, and to let go of all anger by being tolerant and understanding.

Do you actually know, what it would mean to come from a center of inner peace and love?

Ponder these things and pray for more Love.

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