An “Effortless Effort”.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 306

26th May, 2004

Dear one, a strong root connection with Me is what we both seek to establish, and this is what we have been working on. Your becoming more consciously aware of My Presence in you is a sign that you are rooting yourself deeper into Me.

A cursory thought or two during your day’s busyness surely does not suffice. To fill your daily needs and sustenance, you do need to have a period in your day to be with Me in the Stillness of your heart, for this is the only place where I can be found, and where I can nourish you.

It is a place of unconditional Love. It is a place of total acceptance, and it is a place where your weary mind comes to rest and your nerves unfurl, because you do not have to think for a while.

With Me you are in a refreshing Oasis, where you can dig your roots in deeper and deeper, so your stem grows stronger and stronger and your blossoms and fruit become more fragrant.

Thus you will send My Love out into the world around you, so it, too, can be permeated by My Perfume of sweetness. And you will then automatically bring forth the fruits of My Spirit, for what you feed yourself with, that you will bring forth.

The more you come to Me, the more I can satisfy you with my Love, as I am your Wellspring of Living Waters.

The deeper the root system, the stronger the stem to withstand the vicissitudes of life.

This is My desire for you; that your root-system will be so entwined in Me that, come what may, nothing will uproot you anymore, and everything becomes “an effortless effort”.

Ponder what this would be like—an effortless effort.

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