I Can Give You the Guidance You Crave.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 304

24th May, 2004

Dear one, your desire to gain a greater conscious knowledge of Me, has been known to Me for a long time, even before this desire arose in your conscious mind. It is part of your evolvement into a deeper spiritual life.

Because you have begun to notice how often you fall far short of perfection in your daily dealings with others, you have become spurred on to do better, and to be better, on the next occasion. You hunger for the ideal human relationship, without any misunderstandings.

I tell you right now, My beloved, that there is no such ideal. Even on the mansion worlds in the life hereafter, minor misunderstandings are bound to arise, as everyone is on different levels of spiritual development, and not everybody hailing from the worlds of space will, as if by magic, have shed their animal characteristics and behaviors.

It is your hard work towards perfection, begun on the worlds of space, which will be continued in the life hereafter. Your willingness, sincerity, and honesty brought to the task will decide the speed of progress with which you will overcome those negative character traits, which no longer serve you on the road towards perfection and, indeed, will retard your progress.

However, dear one, and so as not to discourage you when you feel that you are so far from your desired goal, I will suggest that you come more often to Me in the Stillness. I can give you the Guidance you crave so much to become more God-conscious, and God-loving, so you can increase your understanding of your fellow human travelers on the path to Heaven.

In this manner, you will accomplish more then you would have heretofore thought possible. And, dear one, there will be plenty of help available.

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