This is My Pledge to You.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 303

23rd May, 2004

Dear one, do realize that fear is the greatest robber of inner peace. There is fear everywhere; fear of an uncertain future, fear of the loss of a job and related income, fears about aging and losing health, fear of diseases, and the list goes on.

These are legitimate fears for mortals, but they are not becoming for a believing child of God. May I remind you that you bring all worries onto yourself, for what you fear most, you will attract. When you live in fear, you bring on more fear. When you live in faith, and you trust in the Goodness of God, you will attract the goodness of God, for God is good at all times.

When your mind is filled with worries and fear, and when your mind is cluttered with fear-ridden thoughts, God cannot get through to you. Banish fear at once.

You say that such a thing is not easy to do. Of course it is easy, child, for all you need to do is to turn your ‘inner face’ towards Me in the Stillness. The more often you do this, the stronger your faith and trust in Heavenly Overcare will grow. Then all else will fall by the wayside.

With Me as your Co-partner, how can you fail? This needs to be etched into your very soul. It is very important to Me that you truly hear what I am teaching you here, because I need you to become an island of peace. God, and mortal, need each other to bring peace to this planet, where storms of materialism and greed are raging.

It is through experiencing My peace that you become My peace.

This is My pledge to you, as you heed My counsel in the Stillness and go forth to exude My peace, that I shall keep giving you My peace in abundance for you to pass on. Teach each thirsty soul that this, too, they can do—to learn for themselves, and drink from the Living Water of My Peace.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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