All is One, and One is All.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 301

21st May, 2004

Dear one it is entirely appropriate for you to claim your status as a child of God even though you are still an embryo in the womb of Mother Spirit. You need to know with all your heart and soul and mind that you are a most beloved child in God’s universe.

The Father is no respecter of persons and accepts each and every one as His own.

Your Master Jesus, a Son of God, stated that you are sons and daughters of God and joint-heirs with Him, so claim your divine birthright. Claim everything that is true, beautiful and good.

Seek first the kingdom of God within and grow an abundant spirit-life filled with spiritual energy and healing. This will make your mortal earth-life so much easier to live. To just live for material things, and spare nary a thought for the spiritual, is like living a life in poverty, and so unbecoming for a child of God.

All His goodness and abundance lie unused and undiscovered within you, and, to say the least, your embryonic soul would whither and die for lack of nourishment.

Turn within to that secret chamber of your heart, where Stillness reigns, and seek to converse with Me, so I can feed you the deeper insights and values in Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

Why limit yourself, and become a spiritual beggar, who needs to supplicate and ask in order to survive, while the greatest riches within lie undiscovered, and die from lack of faith and trust in heavenly over-care?

A human being is so much more then just flesh and bones, and a mind that remains earthbound and never explores the spiritual universe and its bountiful offerings.

Learn to live in the abundance of the Father’s House, and you will realize that there is no separation between you and God. In fact, there never was. Mankind simply separated itself through erroneous thinking, and by building up an elaborate system of worship around that mindset.

Know that all is One, and One is all.

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