To Grow Your Roots Even More Tenaciously.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 214.

16th October, 2004

Dear one, open your heart and mind, so we can communicate with the deepest understanding that you are capable of in our growing friendship. And while your trust and faith in Me wax stronger, there is so much I desire to convey to you, but it all depends on your readiness to receive.

It is true that sadness and grief are everywhere. No one is exempt. However, when a mortal turns within and, on a regular basis gives himself or herself the gift of Stillness, that same mortal can be assured of the fact that My balm for that aching heart is waiting to cure it.

The “going within” is a sure way to cure all ills. It is the finding of the great Healer, the Spirit of God, who desires to uplift the heart and to direct the mind into a more healthful state of being, bringing it back into a more positive and joyful groove.

It is so very important that, at every turn in your life, you remember that you are never alone, even though at times you suffer from loneliness.

Drink from this cup, and then give thanks for all the blessings in disguise. Do not falter in your faith, but instead concentrate faithfully on each task at hand. In doing so, and in time, life’s purpose to which you were called will become clearer - to help uplift this darkened little orb towards a greater understanding of the new Light that is dawning.

This present hardship is to serve you, to grow your roots even more tenaciously into Me. Have faith, grow your trust in Me, and some day when your earth life is finished, you shall look back in great wonder and see how you have served in the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

Actualizing your self into a greater being-ness on the road to perfection.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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