Life Everlasting.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 185.

August 12, 2004

Dear one, one single moment in time can make the difference between life and death, meaning also eternal death. It is in the struggles of mortal existence that a soul can break free because it recognizes the great Rescuer.

Sometimes it is an indefinable moment when time seems to stand still, because eternity is touched by the human consciousness and something has forever shifted, because of the momentary glimpse beyond the 'veil' and the soul rushes in to embrace that moment in glad recognition. And a deep rest then settles into the soul, never to be forgotten as the endless journey of further awakening begins.

It is like, when the sperm meets the egg, waiting for him, and the eternal spirit moves the two together in a blinding flash of creation, and so the endless journey begins, an embryonic soul under the love and care of spirit begins to ‘multiply’ itself.

In the mortal estate it is unaware of how it grows, like the infant in the womb. It is when it reaches self-consciousness and begins to be aware of its surroundings, that it actively seeks to explore these surroundings.

These surroundings are so incredibly different from what meets the mortal eyes, for slowly on, like the infant, it begins to discern with the eyes of spirit, the smile of its heavenly Parents, and feel that incredible unconditional love in which it is free to explore spiritual matters.

And so the journey towards enlightenment begins, as it slowly grows in wisdom and understanding. And discovers with glee its older siblings and in time helps train the younger ones.

This, My beloved, is only the beginning of life everlasting.

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