Those Who Seek Shall Find.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 181.

August 5, 2004

Dear one, there is an old saying: "Those that wait upon the Lord shall fly with eagles’ wings". This is forever true, for when a soul is safely hidden in the Embrace of the Eternal God, the mortal mind becomes immortal.

This is a growth process in the mind of a human, for where your thoughts are, there you are. It all depends on what you feed yourself with. Is it fast food, without any preparation on your part, or do you select and it prepare it yourself, so your very own essence and energy go into it, together with a lot of planning and forethought?

The digestion begins already with the planning and preparation, because of the love, care and attention to the details to get it just right, because the food needs to nourish and sustain you, to create a healthy body, mind and spirit.

This is your responsibility to create and to look after.

A healthy temple of clean habits and clear thinking greatly aids the development of the soul. The thought process can do three things: One, it either pulls you down to a worse than animal level. Two: It keeps you blocked and stagnant. Three: You develop a constant urge to a more elevated thought process and a willingness to search for answers to the age-long question of why am I here? What is the purpose of life? Is there a destiny awaiting me, or, is this all there is?

The number one way thinking belongs to the thoughtless masses that are too lazy to think for their selves and go for instant gratification, and, at times, sordid entertainment.

Those souls shrivel up and die, because of lack of nourishment. Those of the second category allow themselves to be led by the established priesthood, to be spoon fed and brainwashed, although more and more are inclined to think for themselves, because they feel a want for more satisfying nourishment.

The third category actively seeks to discern the why’s, the wherefore’s and the whereto’s of life.

And those who seek shall find, for the Infinite One has given each soul a Fragment of Itself, to help them in their search.

Spirituality is first and foremost a personal matter between a soul and its Maker. It is in this willing and co-operative partnership with God that the soul unfolds.

This is the ultimate victory of living life in the flesh.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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