Your Inner World Becomes A Sanctuary.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 179

July 30, 2004

Dear one, in time to come you shall experience a new level of growth, while I lead you deeper into yourself.

There are many, many levels to be explored, and this will continue through your many transitions in ‘the hereafter’, where there are many more levels to be had, before you attain fully-fledged spirit status.

There is a vast space intervening between the material and the spiritual. This is called the morontial state of being. Prepare your mind therefore, that this is not the only life you will live. This life is merely the preparatory life, in which, under My directions, you lay the foundations for eternal life.

It is your faith and trust in Me that will make this foundation strong and unshakable.

I know that you are up to this task, because I carry our blueprint, as to what you and I are capable of becoming.

All I ask of you is that you sincerely try to ‘hear’ My instructions more clearly when I provide you with choices. And, dear one, this is by your total free-will choice, that you will turn away from the noises of the outer world and make time for the inner world, to come to Me in the Silence, where I am always waiting for you. Here, where we enjoy each other’s company, so you get to know and trust Me more.

And so I can entice you, and teach you to bring your every-day thoughts to a more spiritual and loving level.

In doing this, your inner world becomes your sanctuary, a bastion of strength build up in faith and trust, in which there is no room for fear or worries.

This is the level I would have you attain in mortal life, a glorious faith, a sublime trust that all is well, because you experience that "Underneath are the Everlasting Arms" which nurture and protect you.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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