Self-Forgetting and Self-Surrender.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 173.

July 23, 2004

Dear one, the road to wisdom, true wisdom and discernment, is only to be had, when you travel with Me.

It is in the amount of prayer you offer up for the healing of others, the self-less prayer for others, and the depth of sincerity and the quality of concentration you give in your prayers that you travel the road to wisdom. It is in faith and trust that the Celestial Powers hear your prayer requests, where discernment and insights come, and wisdom appears.

It is through total self-forgetting and self-surrender to the Almighty Power of the Eternal God that wisdom appears and increases each time when you thus engage yourself.

The Father already knows what you need, and therefore only thanksgiving remains. Yet it is altogether proper and indeed becoming more needful that you pray for all the floundering and lost souls that grope around in the darkness of materialism, and seek for soul-satisfaction, and yet will never find it on that level.

Pray for those that their souls may be opened up to find Me already there waiting for them, so the Light of God can begin to shine and nurture their souls, to grow and develop, and that they, too, will begin to realize that their search is over.

All they need is to experience My Unconditional Love for them.

Take many moments in your days to pray for the healing of the planet and her many lost and floundering souls living upon it.

There truly are no lost souls, as they, too, are children of the Most High God. Yet in order to claim their birthright, they need to wake up, so their impoverished souls can be fed, and they, too, will grow into eternal life.

It is up to them to make the connection. However, they need to know that this Gift exists, rather then wallow in fear, superstition and materialism.

I live within each one, and it is My desire that they would desire Me too.

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