Mindfully in the Present..


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 169.

July 17, 2004

Dear one, for a moment let us ponder about what it would be like to have a patient and loving heart, for there are several attributes that belong to it.

A loving and patient heart requires first and foremost for a conscious decision to be made on your part, because this is not something that is automatically bestowed at birth, unless one is genetically pre-disposed thereto.

Once that conscious decision has been made, then the hard work of self-discipline begins, because you will be tested and tried to learn this most difficult lesson.

Mankind is usually bent towards impatience and tempers can flare up unexpectedly. Even these words you can ponder and flesh out in your mind.

To be consciously patient and loving means for you to live in present-centered awareness, lest you ‘slide down the slope’ of impatience.

These present times with all the hastiness and stress to rush here, there and everywhere, are not conducive to the development of patience, and indeed they give rise to much impatience.

The best start of any new day is to allow yourself the gift of first coming to Me in the Silence, and imbibe of My Rest and Peace. Let it suffuse into your very DNA and RNA, and this will repercuss ‘down the line’ via your nervous system.

The more often you do this, the more beneficial this practice becomes. I know that it will take a lot of self-discipline at first, but I tell you that the benefits are enormous, even though they may not at first be apparent.

Your soul-rest increases, your peace of mind increases, and therefore your thinking becomes more peaceful, with greater clarity, and the body feels less stress. In this state, true learning and character building can take place for the important matters, like your desire for a patient and loving heart.

So live mindfully in the present, and the desire of your heart shall be fulfilled.

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