The Satisfaction of the Ages.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 158.

June 22, 2004

Dear one, at this moment let us concentrate on what brings you Joy - the Joy of eternal Life that awaits you. The Joy of all the difficult lessons learned and mastered.

The pure Joy about the existence of life itself. The pure Joy of knowing that there is far more to life on earth than just a fleeting existence.

Yes, fleeting. Never mind how difficult and tough circumstances might have been, the hope and promise of Life Everlasting keeps you going in some unknown and mysterious way.

Allow Me to re-iterate that the more you come to Me in the Stillness and truly allow yourself to hear My Still Small Voice, the more you will begin to hear My guiding Voice in the busyness of your every day living.

Let no other thoughts come between us, so you do not miss out on some words. Your concentration will definitely improve, and you will also begin to feel a Joy welling up deep within you, and the re-assurance that we are connected.

This is a solid bond you and I are forging between us, and this you do by your own free will choice and decisions, and by setting apart some time each day to come to Me and develop a refined quality of listening.

I, dear one, represent the Pull of Paradise to urge you ever forward, inward and upward.

To incite you to realize some of the potential which the Infinite Creator in His Almighty Wisdom has bestowed upon you. To become perfect, even as He is perfect.

This then, becomes your Joy and Satisfaction of the ages.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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