I Volunteered to Guide You on Your Way Home.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 156.

June 14, 2004

Dear one, in times to come you will be re-reading My words to afresh give you comfort and insight. And you will then marvel how it was possible that in the Stillness you perceived My words.

I am with you always and in all ways. Even though you may pray to Jesus or the Holy Spirit, ultimately we all work together as One to bring about the Creator’s Will. Spirit energy and gravity lives and moves in and through everything, for without it, there would be no life to express or grow.

I desire for you to clearly understand this.

You will meet myriad spirit beings in the life hereafter. They all live to express the Will of God, Who reigns supreme throughout all the universes of space.

All the universes team with the various orders of the descending Sons and Daughters of God, and the ascending sons and daughters of God. Each one is known to God and equal in His eyes.

Mortals are the lowest of will creatures that have been given the great gift of free will choice in self-expression on the way to Paradise, and as they climb the age-long ascension ladder.

Mortal men and women get untold choices as to how they shall purport themselves in this journey of the ages. Character flaws will be looked at and overcome, all the while learning to do the Will of the Perfect Being awaiting their arrival on Paradise when they finally attain perfection.

Glories shall unfold before your wondering gazes, tones and color unheard of and unseen. It is the Unconditional Love of the Eternal Creator that makes all this possible.

And I know whereof I speak, as I, your Mighty Indweller, hail from Paradise in the form of a Fragment of God known to you as the Still Small Voice.

I volunteered to guide you on your way Home.

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