A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 41.

October 2, 2003

Once you realize that this life is only one minuscule step into a glorious eternal journey Heavenward, it makes your life far more interesting. This is an everlasting Truth, and worthy of thoughtful consideration.

How is it that your myriad friends, the countless that have even now passed over into a new life, can assist you in the mortal estate?

By realizing this is so, you learn to place a greater value on the life you are living now, and your departed siblings become more precious to you.

Rather than mourning their passing, you can now celebrate their life, and anticipate a glad reunion in the next life, your next phase in an eternal existence.

For truly you are all children of an immensely wealthy Father/Mother/Creator.

By now, you realize that each person, celestial and human, are all offspring of the One Creator, your immediate relatives, and yet, when you live in denial of My existence within you, and fail to recognize the Master's Hand behind Creation, you live indeed in spiritual poverty, and the darkness of loneliness.

Whereas, when you daily built your trust and faith in Me - a Fragment of the Universal God - your life will enter a time of greater spiritual abundance.

Think of how life goes on each year, in trees and flowers. It is the Breath of the Eternal that gives them life, each according to their own pattern and design.

Should He not have your life in His Hands, also? Even when it is time to exchange your mortal temple for a more ‘etheric’ one?

The material body surely dies.

The spirit lives on. Forever.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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