The Time Of Correction Is Here.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 114.

February 22, 2004

Dear one, the deeply felt Joy that you as yet fleetingly experience is making inroads into your soul. And your counting your blessings each day surely is the pathway thereto.

How little and how infrequently is the real Joy of Heaven experienced in the souls of humankind here on earth! This Joy that no one can take away.

And yet I promise you, that all this is going to change. This will happen most definitely in the hearts, minds and souls of the humble and brave souls who, unrecognized by the world, strive to do the will of God.

The Time of Correction is here. It has already begun, and the first stirrings of change are in the hearts of people everywhere. They are forming groups and these groups will find each other with one common goal in mind: To do the will of the Father, and serve Him wherever they are.

Great Tolerance and Acceptance will spring up in the dawning recognition, that all are children of the One Creator, and are therefore siblings.

Likewise, it stands to reason that all other human life forms on all the other inhabited planets in time and space are also their kin, despite outward appearances, as they, too, strive to find the Creator in heaven.

Contemplate the increased Joy, the recognition, and therefore the outpourings of truth beauty and goodness of all the souls, who will strive so valiantly to be of service to each other.

Let us rejoice in this great Time of Correction the Eternal has set in motion.

My beloved, you are forever held in My embrace.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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