Wipe Clean The Slate Of All Your Yesterdays.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 106

February 8, 2004

Dear one, no one knows or understands your grief, your sorrows, your disappointments, your anger and your helplessness better than the Creator God.

All these and more are immediately reflected to the Heart of God.

And at any time when you feel overwhelmed, come into the Silence within, to find the strength to carry on.

I am willing to help, but only if you remember to come to Me.

This is precisely what your beloved Master Jesus did in His earth life, in order to gain mastery over self.

He went into the Silence within, to commune with His Father in heaven. This is the lesson I am trying to teach you. So please, My beloved, when a so-called disaster strikes, turn within to gain mastery over your anger and helplessness.

Truly, there is One within you, who can help you gain new insights as to why things happen the way they do.

Herein lies the great lesson of forgiving those, who wrought a real or perceived wrong against you. Wipe clean the slate of all your yesterdays, and you will gain a greater understanding and mastery over self. And this again brings you closer to Me.

Each new day presents another opportunity for greater growth, and, dear one, the most important one to forgive is yourself, for your impatience and your reactions.

Everything is well. Let peace be restored by My indwelling presence, for in doing so, you allow your holy self to grow.

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