This Wonderful News.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 81

January 7, 2004

Dear one, the Great Truth is that all God’s children have the One Source of being. This Source is infinite in abundance and desires all good things for His offspring.

Yet herein lies the great dilemma; the wide gulf that exists between humans, for they see themselves as separate from each other, and totally unconnected at the Source.

Knowledge of this Great Truth was lost by humans during the Lucifer Rebellion, and you need not go far to see the effects of this loss, for it is all around you.

However, and this is the Wonderful News; this separation is no more. It has ended, and it gives all of mankind the opportunity to reconnect. And in order to make this happen, the Creator gave each human a tiny Fragment of Himself to indwell them.

As well, your Master Jesus sent you His Spirit of Truth some two thousand years ago, helping mankind to more easily discern the reality of their very being.

At the same time, the Creator Mother Spirit sent Her Comforting Presence in the form of the Holy Spirit.

So, dear one, your planet is not as deprived of celestial care as it may seem. In fact, this wayward and darkened planet is being coaxed along.

Yet it always, in all ways, depends on the free will of its inhabitants. And the sooner each one of you awakens, the sooner great changes can be brought about in the hearts of all individuals.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance for each person to turn within, and imbibe of the Essence of their God Fragment - this Pilot Light - to help them feel connected, and to allow the self to be steeped in this Heavenly Fragrance.

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