Feel, Experience, Use This Newness...


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 78

December 31, 2003

Dear one, the Bounties of Heaven are available to each sincere soul who will ask for serenity and peace to pervade the heart, soul and mind. It literally saturates all the cells in the body and brings a deep healing to the DNA structure.

Pray continually for more love and compassion toward self and others, and these gifts shall be given to you.

But you need to ask for it to become more real to you, that it is truly happening, and for you to sense and feel this ‘new energy’ course through your total being. Follow it intently with your mind, and become aware of its flow.

You can ‘tune in’ at any time, and so be refreshed in the busiest of your days. Allow this to happen more and more, so this ‘new’ compassionate love can flow in abundance, healing you and others around you.

Allow all old negativity to flow away as this new feeling takes a greater hold in your heart, thereby diminishing the stress of daily living.

Feel this newness, experience this newness, use this newness, and keep it replenished in your daily coming to Me in the Silence of your heart, allowing the renewal of your spirit to unabatedly go on.

In total love and forgiveness, see old error patterns cleansed, and old forgotten issues that arise from the darkest recesses of your mind leaving you, to disappear into ‘nothingness’, where everything gets recycled into a greater and more exalted usefulness by the Eternal Creator.

Give praise and thanks to the Creator, and I shall reflect back an increasing Joy into your being, and you shall know that you, too, are a most beloved child of the Infinite Creator.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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