Generational Healing.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 75

December 26, 2003

Dear one, the opening of your heart to Me is a sure sign of your willingness to be taught further into the mysteries of life itself, and what the meaning and purpose of suffering could be.

Suffering in itself is a lesson to bring you closer to the All That Is and to increase your awe and thankfulness for the physical temple you inhabit.

So often does this tender instrument of the Father’s design get neglected and abused through wrong habits.

Not only does it include negative thinking, and the indulgence of holding onto perceived or real old wrongs perpetrated against you through the ignorance of others. It also comprises all manner of physical and emotional addictions.

The entertainment of unhealthy thoughts like unforgiveness, and all kinds of mental poisons, like fear, anger, jealousy, suspicion, intolerance, are involved.

These negative emotions sooner or later wreak havoc in the physical temple under the guise of various ailments.

Those negative thoughts have become encapsulated in the body in the form of cancers, ulcers, heart problems, stomach, and bowel problems. You can name any illness and trace it back to troubled emotions.

These unsettled emotions put down roots in the DNA, and they become part of the genetic inheritance to be passed on to the next generation. This is the reason for the propensity for certain illnesses in certain families.

Generational Healing is sorely needed on this planet to free emotions from this terrible bondage, to gain the emotional freedom, and so the spirit can soar unencumbered to Me in the Silence of the human heart.

Ponder these insights, My beloved, and know that all healing lies within.

All you have to do is re-member yourself to Me.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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