. . . the Great Mystery Of The Ages.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 44

November 20, 2003

Still your mind even more, and let no outward sensations intrude upon it. Be still, and know that I AM your God.

From within the deepest depth of your soul do I speak, ‘I am your Beloved, even as you are My beloved’. I am that special Bequest from the Eternal Creator, a Fragment of Himself that will lead you to return to the Center of all things.

During our age-long journey, you will become Me, and I will become you, as in exchange for eternal life, you will offer Me the now progressing personality endowment the Father bestowed upon you at birth.

Upon completion of our journey, and when we finally stand before the Father, neither My Gift to you, nor your gift to Me, will ultimately be recognized. No indeed, for you and I will have become as one.

Together, the mortal and the Divine, will succeed in realizing the Great Mystery of the Ages: You as Me, and I as you. This promise I hold out to you; that we have embarked on a most wonderful, exceptional, and delightful journey.

I shall lead you along a unique path of inspired learning and enriching experiences.

I desire that you will have a most complete training, and should the terrain be rugged, know then that this will be what I want to experience with you, as you and I together shall overcome all obstacles.

For the path of most learning is the path of learning to love, of loving to learn, and of loving life in the glorification of the Maker of all.

I will teach you to listen for directions from within whenever you need to make a decision, although you will always retain the freedom of choosing as you will.

And yet I implore you to let us decide together, for in this manner you will create more harmony and balance in your life, whilst ever remaining conscious of the promise you made to Me: 'Your will be done, not mine'.

You see, My beloved, I gave you free will, but you made up your mind to give it back to Me, so My choice for your life, since I carry our divine blueprint, became your choice.

Your life will thus become a God-led life. Think about and ponder this Co-Creative partnership with your Beloved within.

I offer My total devotion to you; please award Me yours, as well.

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