A Greater Consciousness Needs To Awaken . . .


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 45

October 4, 2003

I am your Master Hand to guide you with the cultivation of your mind, to weed out any and all negative thoughts, and judgments about self and others.

A greater consciousness needs to awaken in you, for you to become aware of your own reactions to words and actions of self and others. For you to become more thoughtful in your speech, since the tongue is often the most unruly member to be kept under control.

I really would that you pay attention to this, as the cultivation of self is the most important aspect to be undertaken in life; the digging up, the uprooting of negativity, and the planting of good thoughts, is your responsibility.

And I shall guide you with My Master Hand.

And so together we shall plant us a fragrant, pleasant, and fruitful garden.

Just tend to your own garden. Only when you have your own weeds under control will you be given additional work.

You are only a tender little one, and I will never overload you, but I will give you winds and storms, so your root system in Me will grow deeper and deeper, as you seek My nourishment so deep down within yourself.

We are growing us a unique garden, filled with fragrant blooms and fruits to the Glory of the One,

I tell you all this, so you may gain a greater understanding about the work you and I have undertaken.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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