These Three Gifts.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 13

August 20, 2003

An opening of the inner mind - the sensing of things unseen - is a sign of progress within the soul of the believing mortal. This is the ultimate proof of your growth of faith in Me.

These are the Gifts of the Great Creator of all things, Who has presented each normal-minded, mortal creature with a Fragment of Himself, to guide them all onto their way back home. The Creator also gave the Gift of life experience.

His third Gift is that of free will choice and decision making.

These three Gifts are to be enjoyed in the greatest adventure in time and space - a journey so extensive, that it is beyond mortal comprehension.

Oh, the splendor of things as yet unseen!

The going within to seek the silence results in a steadfast hope of better things to come. And, moreover, it results in the dawning realization in the human mind made of matter - and made spiritual by effort and struggle to experience - the Infinite Unconditional Love of the Creator for His creatures who attain the greatest possible prize in their growing trust and faith.

This then is their ultimate reciprocal gift to their Creator.

To stand one day in the Presence of this Most Wonderful One, and for you to receive a welcome beyond words, is the reward for your persistently seeking the Presence of all that is, and Who dwells right inside of you.

This becomes the crowning glory of your lives well lived.

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