Be Diligent in your daily seeking.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - #7

July 31, 2003

Dear one. It is the diligence in your daily seeking Me that brings the reward of your soul being stirred alive, so to speak.

It is a singing feeling in this stirring of the soul, this feeling of thankfulness that brings tears to your eyes. When received by Me, I send these emotions right back as a loving balm for your soul.

And so the grief and sorrows of life’s past diminish, and your heart becomes more liberated to express itself in song.

We both are nurturing our togetherness, and you get to know Me better. But I don't need to, because I know you already, and I have always known you. I also know what you are becoming day by day.

Your disappointments in yourself are more keenly felt as you align your will with Mine, and still, as yet, in your daily life you forget to tune into Me.

But I tell you this, child, that each day will bring with it another chance to listen to Me, and try anew.

It is the grand exercise of life that teaches you to ‘hang in there’ and persevere, while I cheer you on every inch of the way in the struggle for your soul to become entirely free.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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