By Your Own Free Will.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks # 283

January 12th, 2005.

Dear one, your very thoughts are known to Me. So are your doubts and hesitations. I know all your feelings of trepidation, for nothing is hidden from Me. The only thing that shall matter to you is that I, no matter what, love unconditionally and shall surely guide you.

You are endowed with much potential of “you know not what”, which can only be realized in the hereafter, on your path to becoming a fully-fledged spirit being.

And even after you have completed and have graduated from your long morontia training in this universe, to go to the universes beyond for further training, you are then, still, considered to be a very young spirit starting out on the next leg of your eternal existence.

Think about all the adventures awaiting you, and of all the lessons you shall learn to become a being of perfection. You will leave behind all your character flaws, for them to never be recalled. You will be peeling off layer after layer of imperfection. And to think that you shall do this by your own free will! There will be no shortcuts or omissions; save those of the lessons you have learned here in the earth-life.

Ask yourself: Am I becoming more loving day by day? Am I gaining more patience and understanding, and do I really accept each person I meet as my brother and sister on the same road to Paradise? Am I entertaining more loving thoughts, and am I less critical? Have I become more forgiving and am I beginning to be more service-oriented without thinking about the rewards this might bring?

The list is goes on and on, and you can fill in the blanks for yourself. The real question is; are you on each day bringing forth more fruits of the spirit? Because by these fruits, which are increasing love and joy, peace and understanding, you will be known, as well as by a greater, more harmonious balance with increasing health and well being, so you can go about doing good as you pass by, like Jesus did.

This, My beloved, is the life I would have you live in faith and trust, which shall surely bring its own rewards of advancement in the spirit life.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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