A Living, Breathing Child of the Creator.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 277

January 6th, 2005.

Dear one, only a soul that trusts Me enough is willing to be led in the direction it needs to go, to garner the experiences needed for its soul-growth. Sometimes I may lead you into places to assist someone, to bring a smile, to give an encouraging word, or to send some loving, healing thoughts when you hear of someone who is sick.

All things, acts, thoughts and intentions, are known in Heaven. Nothing escapes the omniscience of the Creator God of Everything. Only the worthwhile experiences, which have edified and nourished the soul, and helped it grow, shall remain.

Be ever watchful for where you may be of loving service. Be ever aware that you are God’s representative on earth, and wherever you find yourself—awakening human beings everywhere in their beginning to realize their holy calling, and for them to become the peacemakers, and the healers of this sorrowing planet.

This planet is also a living, breathing child of the Creator, albeit in a different category. And yet, she is going through much travail at present. Abuse, rape, pilfering and all sorts of other scandalous things are heaped upon her innocent being, and her beautiful face is scarred and burnt.

Unthinking, unenlightened mortals, who have allowed their selves to be led by greed, are poisoning even her precious atmosphere, meant for all living things that dwell upon her. And so, these mortals have fallen into the same gross darkness, which a fallen Prince wrought, eons ago.

However, this nefarious fog is lifting, for the Prince of Darkness is no more. Only his death-throws are still being felt, and, sadly, taking with them many ignorant people, who do not give a thought to their lives hereafter, or how they could be of loving service to further assist their own soul-growth.

Truly, humankind is living through one of its most remarkable and precarious periods in planetary history. And people everywhere, and wherever they find themselves, have a need to wake up and become active as healers and peacemakers for their selves, their surroundings, and for the sake of this most precious blue orb in space.

Think of these, My words, and lodge them deeply into your being, for this is the holy calling of people everywhere.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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