By My Grace.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks # 24
July 4, 2011.

Open wide the gates of your heart, and let nothing resist the inflowing of God's love. It is wonderful indeed for you to slowly grow into the surety of God's unconditional love.

How often has humankind portrayed Me as unloving and stern; a wrathful God, bent on vengeance and justice for every little thing you can do wrong in a day. Dear one, humankind's assumptions of Me have mostly been puerile and offensive, because of lack of knowledge. How small are puny man's thoughts, to assign his personal negative emotions to Me!

No, I am far above that, and even though men think to have found Me in a stone, or some other object to venerate, they have not, for I am inscrutable.

I am the Most High God, and I am using this very simple term here, because I want you to understand that you are only just now beginning to travel the long road home to Me.

You are finally discovering that you are one rung above the animals on the scale of evolution, but what a huge difference this makes, because animals do not possess the faculty for worship and wisdom.

It is by My grace that you climb this age-long ascension ladder to perfection, and I tell you right now that evolution is not an accident. Everything that has gone before has been by design, except when humanity started to interfere and thought to have come up with a better plan. Then things began to go awry.

Now it is time for each mortal to know Me, and to seek Me right within their hearts where I reside, as I wish to experience everything they go through with the decisions and choices they make.

I am here to help you if you so desire, for I know your desires, since nothing is hidden from Me.

Do you really understand what this means; that an actual Fragment of the eternal Creator Architect lives right within you? Can you even begin to comprehend that I am with you, always?

Whenever you need Me, take the time to come to Me in the Stillness of your heart, so you may begin to discern My still Voice.

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