By Your Choices And Decisions.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks # 21
March 28, 2011.

The will and the way of God is nothing more, or less, than a way of love and service towards your fellow human beings. Even a genuine smile is a service as you pass by, since that soul may thereby be uplifted and encouraged.

True service does not ask for anything, nor does it expect anything for self. Life just flows naturally in a stream of abundance, because when you can enrich another's soul with an encouraging smile, you too, are enriched.

Spirit life is so rich compared to the materialistic life where 'dog eats dog,' and people are stressed out, because they do not take the time to be alone to come into the Stillness of their heart. This is where I nurture their souls with elevating thoughts, so they are lifted above the humdrum and, at times, the sordidness of life.

Life becomes animalistic, and without meaning, when the spiritual life is denied existence and unfoldment. Animals do not worship the Creator and Architect of everything. Only humans possess that priceless quality potential.

Elevate yourself above your animalistic tendencies, and become a deeper thinker, to unravel the mysteries and purpose of life for yourself, so your soul, which is your spiritual counterpart for the eternal life, can grow and develop.

Give your soul a chance to grow into a balanced and harmonious treasure, through love for your fellow human beings, and unselfish service wherever you find yourself in life. Honor your spirit-soul, and in so doing you honor the Giver of all souls.

It is by your choices and decisions that this is accomplished. It is in the consistent seeking of the will and the way of God, which is unconditional love and service, that you grow and mature your soul. The spirit-life in each mortal is totally personal.

Seek and you shall find.

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