The Fulfillment Of The Law.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks # 18
March 20, 2011.

The road to the heart's awakening about the real purpose of life is entirely a matter of choice, although genetics and upbringing play a role in the quality of thought, and what the mind busies itself with. For the most part, this decides how a human lives.

There are two kinds of people on the planet: Those who eat to live, and those who live to eat. You can take this a step further and apply this to your thinking on a spiritual level.

You need to understand that in order for the soul to be nourished and fed, it needs to search for the right food that is truly fulfilling, and for it not to fill itself with old redundant and negative laws of 'you shall not . . .' These commandments leave you undernourished, because of an inactive dependency.

It becomes a different story altogether for those who live to eat, and are really never satisfied. They may well search out the byways of superstition. Their souls, however, never do get nourished. They are only temporarily filled, then the search starts anew, and they look to others to feed them. In this way they dream from one meal to the next.

Look to the fulfillment of the law, about which Jesus said, 'Love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and yourself, and all others,' so you can act, and therewith you partake, of life itself. Those who eat to live, are on a soul-satisfying path, and automatically become more alive and adventuresome.

There is more time to be awake, to properly digest and experience soul-satisfaction, which the un-awakened ones have not yet discovered.

When you imbibe of the practicality of how Jesus' lived His human-divine life, you will come to realize that the Kingdom of God is the true bread and water of life. This is the only way to gain soul-satisfaction.

I invite you to more often come into My Presence, so I can explain more mysteries to you, which will remain hidden from those who are asleep in their material life, and who will only awaken when they are ready.

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