The Intentions Of Your Heart.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks # 10
May 15, 2010.

Live in joy each moment when the thought comes to you that the eternal God moves, and has His being in, you. Since you live and breathe in God, He knows all the thoughts and intentions of your heart.

What you can gather here on earth is a richness of soul that is beyond your means to measure. Material wealth is like dust before the wind at the end of your physical life, although your chattels may indeed make your existence more comfortable.

However, the soul must be enriched by the intent of the heart to do what is good to help uplift the planet. The former mortal shall at the end of his or her earth life stand naked before their Maker, as all thoughts and intentions are etched into the soul.

The true banker is God, for He gives you 24 hours in each day to make good use of. Ask yourself how you are to use this great wealth of time.

Rushing around is wasting so much of life, and the end results are frazzled nerves, impatience with self and others, and all sorts of illnesses due to stress.

Humankind could solve a lot of its daily problems if more time was spent in quiet contemplation with Me, and about what constitutes the true purpose of life.

If contemplation could become a daily habit, life would become so much easier, and so much more meaningful and joyful, rather than tedious or boring.

Think about this for a while; how a small amount of precious time spent with Me in the Stillness of your heart will pay you such rich dividends, and will not only uplift you, but as well permeate your immediate surroundings.

Allow Me to nurture and comfort you, so you will feel more peaceful to do yet another day's battle towards achieving your mastery of life.

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