Give Me Some of Your Time.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks # 170
January 11, 2004.

Dear one it is time to open your heart even further, and allow the Love of God to penetrate your very being. Give the Creator of All your heartfelt permission to live and work in you to the utmost of your capacity to receive, and to overflowing.

In times to come, and in looking back, you will notice how much you have grown and changed, because, My beloved, this is also the desire of the Creator; to have you made in His image, but this can only happen if you give your will over to Him.

And then, when you partake of God’s attributes, you will live in total, unconditional love and forgiveness, in tolerance and acceptance of all others who think differently.

Do practice the golden rule of doing unto others as you would like to be treated, because, My child, in this manner you will discover more and more how there is Unity in Diversity.

Each and every soul, on all the myriad planets in space, brings a unique color and fragrance to the immensely rich pattern in the tapestry of space the Eternal is weaving to His great satisfaction, meanwhile experiencing Himself in each soul that shines like a tiny bright jewel in its own appointed place, as you from your vantage point, see the stars shining in the heavens.

However, not too many souls on your planet listen to their inner drummer, Who desires for them to answer the call of Spirit.

In truth and in fact, you are all tiny molecules in the great body of the Supreme God. There are far too many, still, who answer the lure of the false god of materialism and Mammon.

The material world is only a means, never an end. Only God is. The material body is only to serve as your earthly temple, to develop and nurture your embryonic soul by learning to listen within, and by practical experience in your life. You are capable of far more growth than you can even begin to imagine.

On this planet you start out with tiny steps on a road to life everlasting. Turn within and listen to this great Gift, which the Eternal has sent you as a Guide. Develop your inner ears, for I am always listening, and ready to answer you.

Just give Me some of your time.

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