In Love Lies Abundant Healing.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks # 164
January 6, 2004.

Dear one, no path is too difficult to walk when Love reigns in your heart. When anger, resentment and other harmful and poisonous thoughts reign, or when they creep back in, turn those out at once, for they perpetuate bad habits and clutter the heart with negativity.

I have told you before that the heart is the real mind of the body, and that the brain is merely the computer, albeit a very important piece of complicated machinery. Yet it only acts on the thoughts held in the heart/mind, which produce after their kind.

Furthermore, the heart is the main engine in the body and therefore a most elegant and delicate instrument, and anything that clutters this amazing life-giving force, which is ultimately powered by Spirit-Energy, is harmful.

It is very unkind and unjust to have less than positive and loving thoughts ‘greasing’ the heart, so to speak.

Love is the true Key, which feeds and heals the heart, and makes it beat at its greatest efficiency. See to it that you use self-discipline in controlling and perfecting your thoughts.

Yes, I know that many a heart has suffered and is suffering grief from either the loss of a loved one, or unkind and harsh words from others. A heart can feel demoralized through the actions of others. Also, the owner’s stubbornness, and negative thinking can harm the heart.

Dear one, remember that the heart does not attack, the owner does. Also, one needs to take the genetic make-up and lifestyle into consideration.

Remember always, that Love heals a heart faster than any chemical medicine. Emotions play a huge role, and need to be looked at and taken care of.

In Love lies abundant healing.

Pray for more love, for self and others.

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