The Urge For Self-Expression.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks # 162
January 4, 2004.

Dear one, an open heart, soul and mind, are the requirements for you to increasingly realize the Blessings of the Eternal Creator.

To better attune your ‘sensing apparatus’, so to speak, you need to become aware of any selfish thoughts that might come between you and Me; any judgment towards others, any unloving thoughts, any thoughtless words spoken in haste. These roll on throughout eternity, and come back to haunt you, to wake up your conscience, and to teach you how to become more loving.

It is with an unconditional loving attitude towards others that the highest level of a righteous character shall eventuate.

We are here discussing a spiritually fragrant personality, with the personal character being trained through self-discipline, to learn and to become the best you can be under all circumstances, or conditions life has to offer.

I am speaking about the ideal you, which I am helping you to uncover and discover.

The Eternal Creator has given each mortal a tiny seed to develop, just like a small acorn holds the life-pattern of a mighty oak within itself. It has the urge for self-expression and development, to grow and seek the light of the sun’s warming rays.

Meanwhile, it learns to cope with the cold harsh winds and rains, which help it develop a strong and deep root system, so it cannot be uprooted by the elements.

Likewise, this is what you are doing in building up a trust and faith in Me as a strong root system, and I, as your personal Trainer, urge you on to unfold the Divine Pattern within you, which I hold in My Being-ness.

This is why coming into the Stillness is so important and fruitful for you, as you learn to listen more intently to My Guidance, and learn to follow My leadings ever inward, forward, and upward.

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