As Calmness Becomes a Way Of Life.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks # 148
December 21, 2003.

Dear one, the way of learning is the way of God and the way towards God. The greatest learning achievement resides in the fact that you now finally desire to willingly give up your will to Me, so that I am enabled to lead you more freely onto the path that I would have you walk.

A great part of your life did not proceed as you would have wished. Yet, when you look back, do you note an increase in your understanding, and in your empathy and love for others? Can you see that you have been of service to others?

If not, allow Me to lead you some more, for I desire that you garner the greatest possible understanding towards others, for in this you also gather wisdom. It is in loving service toward others, and with a sincere and open heart that you enrich yourself as a human being.

The more you train yourself to come into the Stillness/meditation to make out My Still Small Voice, the clearer you will be able to discern Me during the busyness of your day.

A contemplative state shall evolve within you, and this makes it easier for you to discern My voice, and you will feel less harassed and stressed by the daily pressures placed upon you, as calmness takes a hold and becomes a way of life.

It is a prayerful way of living that places the consciousness of My presence within your grasp. Think about this. Would this not be a desirable way to live?

I thought so, for I can see your silent answer within your heart. It is called “living in the moment”. You understand that this way of living is totally different from the day-to-day living without giving a thought to My existence within you.

Desire then from moment to moment to increase your consciousness of Me, so the awareness of My presence grows within you.

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