An Interchange Of Thought.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks # 144
December 17, 2003.

Dear one, let us ponder the concept “Interchange of Thought”, for this is what you and I are doing. You may not often consider it to be such, but this interchange is a Sublime fact.

These communications are indeed a dialogue of thoughts, and those who might chance to read these words with their hearts will experience a thrill of recognition, as they, too, have a Father Fragment that will echo these words deep within them.

Of course, I know that you are also thinking about kindred spirits, and it is always wonderful when two mortals can companion each other in this manner. However, this, as you have experienced, is well nigh impossible. Proper preparation for such an event as a marriage is at times almost absent, and the planning pertains only to temporal and material matters.

The long-term impact is hardly ever considered, and eternal implications are hardly thought to play a role. This explains the alarming divorce rate on this planet.

However, if a less than ideal combination is persisted with, it can teach one or both partners to become more understanding of, and cooperative with, each other in accepting their differences. At those times, a measure of unconditional love can grow and be experienced.

Think of perseverance and tenaciousness, consideration for another, the striving to be successful in all areas of life. A greater understanding and loving concern toward another are all hallmarks of a sturdy, sincere, and truthful character in the making.

All these traits are reflected into God the Supreme. This is a gift from you as a freewill creature, for it is your choice to walk this road through life.

How blessed the soul that can rejoice in the sure knowledge of everlasting Love and overcare!

Persist in your daily seeking of Me, for the more often you come into the Stillness, the stronger your faith in Me will grow.

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