An In-filling Of Spiritual Fragrance.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks # 143
December 16, 2003.

Dear one, there are many different thoughts ‘floating around’ in your brain. Your mind is like quicksilver, and it seems very hard for you to just be, and let Me guide your thought processes.

Life on this planet seems to be filled with too many distractions, and hardly a day goes by when you are not distressed about one thing or another. It will become more and more important for you to take time out, to think and reflect. Your daily coming into the Stillness is a balm for the soul that ripples throughout the physical system.

It is then that you can take stock of your day and see when you could have been just a bit more loving, a bit more courageous, or a bit less selfish. It is in a true and honest appraisal of yourself; in healthy self-reflection, that you will feel My presence and gain the courage to live yet another day for the highest good for yourself, and for those around you.

By living this way you are creating a more peaceful mode of existence; a method that ripples out into the surrounding area of where you live. You may not notice it, but the angels on High take note of each one that sincerely and perseveringly tries each new day to live with greater conscious awareness.

And that is were you can experience the real joy of living—the feeling of being connected to the All that Is—to carry out into the world, with renewed hope and courage, the recognition and the blessings received while in the Stillness.

It is an in-filling of Spiritual Fragrance, which can then be spread into the world through your comportment towards all others.

Be brave, My beloved, and take heart that I AM always with you, even into your never ending existence in the life eternal, were we shall become as one.

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