I Am Your Master Conductor.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks # 129
December 1, 2003.

Dear one, it is in reverence and with expectation, that you come to Me, and expecting Me, you find Me. For all those who seek, shall find.

This finding has much to do with the readiness and the sincerity of the soul. It is like a dial on a radio, when you look for a certain station, to re-capture a sound you might have heard before. At first you have to cut through a lot of static and cacophony that is around and within you, until you hear a faint echo from a certain sound of music.

Your heart recognizes this as the sound it has been looking for, and a strand begins to resonate with that sound so far away and yet so close, because of the recognition of it.

This Heavenly Sound resides in your soul. It is the baton of the Master Conductor awakening you. He is waiting to play His music on the strings of your heart.

Start practicing the sound you will make in perfection in the choir on High.

Each and every one has his or her tone of music inside his or her heart, and it somehow eagerly awaits its time to make its own sound in the choir. Meanwhile, in getting ready, it starts listening for the distant tap-tap-tap of the baton in the hands of the Master conductor.

This, My beloved, you are practicing, and the more you turn within to listen, the purer the sound will become, because your listening ear is fine-tuning itself with a greater concentration.

Your dedication and attention in listening is the greatest gift you can give your Master Conductor, so He can give you more and clearer instructions as to how you can conduct your life, so your individual note may become clearer and purer to the ears of the Almighty God.

Come, let us practice some more, for I, Who live within you, am your Master Conductor.

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