Awaken and Let Your Light Shine.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 213

February 24, 2004.

Dear one, it is a fact that any and all experiences ultimately lead a soul God-ward, unless of course the soul totally rejects My Light, which indwells them, so their very dark, selfish, and evil thoughts and actions lead them into the dark abyss of extinction.

However, once a soul has sensed the faintest glimmer of Light, that soul will experience an insatiable hunger, and an urge to find the Light again and again. In doing so, it builds on faith and trust.

Through My urgings, it seeks out all sorts of experiences—different places of worship, astrology, witchcraft, images of the mind, symbols, totems and addictions—all to satisfy these hunger cravings.

Through all these experiences are carved the many roads of disappointment and longings, which still lead to the ultimate destination, although the urge to find Me within is stronger in some than in others, depending on the time they spent with Me.

When all is said and done, you are all children of the one God, and therefore brothers and sisters. Honor each other as such. As long as there is a war raging on Urantia, the cave mentality persists, especially in the financial arena where ‘dog eats dog’.

Surely it is time for all Urantians to wake up, and to start working together for the common good of all, so the real work of progressive evolution in co-partnership with the Creator can begin.

See to it that nothing in your mind hinders your progress, as the time is looming on the horizon when another Son of God shall walk upon this planet.

It is our hope that the soil will be prepared through the souls that are now awakening, to realize that they can function as healers and lightworkers, for this is a most necessary preliminary task.

The Gods on High know who is willing to function as such, and They also notice that little Urantia is finally growing up to reach a greater degree of maturity, although it has a long way to go towards her destiny of Light and Life.

It is up to each mortal to awaken, and to let his or her Light shine.

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