The True Purpose of Life.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 212

February 23, 2004.

Dear one, so very few live up to the faith they truly possess, and are capable of. It is indeed correct that, when Jesus walked the planet and miracles happened, it was their faith which made them whole.

Yet, and this is the secret; most of them went back to their former lifestyles and so, the illness of which they were previously healed, manifested itself again. Self-healing is innate when you allow the Joy of Spirit to dominate your life, including in your behaviors and with the right intake of foods.

It is your bodily temple, which houses your eternal spirit, and which needs the proper nutrition. Included here are fresh air and sunshine. The daily intake of chemicals and other poisons are not the answer.

For a moment, think about how far this precious planet has been poisoned at the hands of the few, and due to their greed. The saturation point is coming dangerously close, as too many people are dying from unnecessary diseases of mind and body, caused by all this pollution. And when they get sick, they are made sicker still by more chemicals, which their immune systems are not equipped to handle.

The Creator gave you sunshine, pure air and herbs, including the fruits of fields and trees for food.

But precious minds poison themselves with nefarious schemes of how to get rich, with not a thought about the effects on their brothers and sisters. This all needs to be said, so humankind may learn were they are erring.

The Creator meant for you all to be caretakers for Him on this beautiful garden planet, and this intent will be manifested in times to come. Meanwhile, humanity is reaping a terrible harvest of diseases.

The time is ripe for humankind to wake up to the true purpose of life. It is to find your God within and to grow our faith-trust in His unconditional love, to learn to love yourselves and each other, and to bring forth the fruits of the spirit in loving service.

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