True Reciprocation Between Student And Teacher.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 139

December 12, 2003.

Dear one, in time your listening skills will improve, so that you will know without any doubt that, yes, this Still Small Voice within you can also be heard above the din of the world, although this only happens when you have your ears attuned to My calling.

The point is that whenever you seek My Presence in the Stillness, you ever so slightly are fine-tuning that ability to hear that distant echo from Heaven.

There is an effort involved on your part, because there are many distractions that clamor for your attention, and lure you away from Me.

The only time when I can get through to you, is when you give Me your undivided attention, and when you let nothing intrude upon your thought-forms.

The best thing to do is to first prepare yourself so that nothing in the outer world will disturb you. Of course, there are the normal noises of everyday life, but you can learn this, by willing intent in visualizing a ‘shield’ all around you, so that you sit in your ‘private space’, so to speak.

The next thing to do is to prayerfully ask for My Help. This helps in molding your attitude towards Me.

Next, be sincere and truthful in wanting to have your communion with Me, for indeed you have then entered reverently into your holy of Holies, and you are then on sacred ground.

My beloved, your diligence in seeking Me, at the same time each day, means to Me that you take your wanting to be with Me seriously, and it shows Me that I am considered to be worthy of your love and attention.

And that, My child, is the true reciprocation between student and Teacher.

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