Your Sincere and Dedicated Effort.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 258

16th December, 2004

Dear one, the best way to grow in spirit is to always choose the better way - the way of truth, beauty and goodness. It is the spirit value that you must seek in everything, even in the ordinary humdrum of life. In doing so, you will be inspired and lifted up.

Life can indeed become a life of resurrection when you turn your mind away from the depressing and ‘fear-ridden tomb mentality’ into the sunlight of the risen Christed One, who overcame all manner of evil and injustice perpetrated against Him.

By steadfastly refusing to use His power as the Creator and Ruler of this mighty universe, and in His triumph, He showed once and for all that even death has no hold on Him. Even as the Son of Man, which name He earned during His life in the flesh as it was lived not even that long ago. And this is His gift to you, of life everlasting.

Great was His faithfulness to His Father in Heaven when He came to proclaim on earth the Love of the Father for all His offspring, to announce the brotherhood and sisterhood of all humankind, and to do the Will of God.

Then, after His ascension day, He sent His promised Helper, the Spirit of Truth, whilst at the same time the Father gave His Gifts, the Fragments of Himself, and Mother Spirit send Her Holy Spirit to indwell all mortals, then, and ever since that day.

Indeed, you have never been cosmic orphans. It is only human forgetfulness to think that everything is bleak and hopeless, when all you have to do is flex your faith-muscle and trust Me enough to come into the Stillness within yourself, were I am waiting to nurture and instruct you.

But in order for you to make spiritual progress, I need your sincere and dedicated effort. Can you not trust Me in this? Or will you not trust Me in this?

Even the feeblest attempt on your part shall be richly rewarded. All I ask of you is to never give up in your attempts to seek Me in the Silence of your heart.

© The 11:11 Angels

Toujours au Service de Michael.

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